CG-044K-J Recording King Vintage Hardshell Case, Resonator Banjo

CG-044K-J Recording King Vintage Hardshell Case, Resonator Banjo

CG-044K-D Recording King Vintage Hardshell Case, Dreadnought

  • 7-Ply Cross Grained Wood Construction
  • Ultra Strong Arched Top
  • Emerald Velvet Interior
  • Leather Padded Handle
  • Black Tolex Exterior
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From the heavy-duty arched top to the crushed velvet interior, this hardshell case is vintage in every detail.

It features a black tolex covering with a strong arched top, a plush velvet interior, six locking mechanisms, an accessory compartment and more.

20mm high-density padding protects your instrument, and the leather handle and locking latch allow you to travel in comfort with confidence you're getting the best protection for your dollar.

Exclusive Recording King Badged Cases

Case Style & Internal Dimensions

StyleItem #Total LengthBody LengthLower BoutUpper BoutDepthPadding
RK DreadnoughtCG-044K-D43.25"21"15.75"11.75"5"16mm
RK BanjoCG-044K-J39.75"14"13.75"-4.5"16mm
RK OCG-044K-O40.5"21.5"13.75"10.5"4.5"16mm
RK OOOCG-044K-OOO41.5"20"15.5"11.5"4.75"16mm